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• Standardized Methodology, it's PMP
• Ready-made Document Templates
• Up-Skill Project Managers
• Adjust Methodology to Project Size

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A Project Management Software like no other

Save Time, Increase Project Managers Productivity
Save Time

Up-to 50% increase in Productivity of Project Managers

Information is seamlessly organized and kept consistent and structured.

Improve Success Rates, Increase Project Success Rates
Improve Success Rates

Up-to 30% increase in Project Success Rates

Secure the use of best practices in all areas of project management.
The methodology is integrated in the tool.

Increase Satisfaction, Increase Stakeholder's Satisfaction
Increase Satisfaction

Up-to 75% increase in Stakeholder's Satisfaction

Prove the quality of project management, and its consistency for all your projects.

The Only Complete Project Management Software

We do more than Task management

We Do :

Online Project Integration Information Management Software - PMP, PMBOK, PMI Integration

Online Project Scope Information Management Software - PMP, PMBOK, PMI Scope

Online Project Time Information Management Software - PMP, PMBOK, PMI Time

Online Project Cost Information Management Software - PMP, PMBOK, PMI Costs

Online Project Quality Information Management Software - PMP, PMBOK, PMI Quality


Online Project Human Resource Information Management Software - PMP, PMBOK, PMI Human Resources

Online Project Communications Information Management Software - PMP, PMBOK, PMI Communications

Online Project Risk Information Management Software - PMP, PMBOK, PMI Risks

Online Project Procurement Information Management Software - PMP, PMBOK, PMI Procurements

Online Project Stakeholder Information Management Software - PMP, PMBOK, PMI Stakeholders

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We Believe in Project Management
We Dream about Project Success
For Project Management Professionals
who are dissatisfied with the status-quo of Task Management apps.

Our product is a new Project Management software category
which ease adoption of the project management methodology

Unlike other "project" apps,
our product is a Project Management Information System

See the Benefits for a

Project Manager Project Management Office Consulting Firm

We're building a great software for project management professionals

Built to Assist Project Managers

Information Management Software
Full Featured

Information System

Project Management Software - PMP, PMBOK, PMI

PMP Methodology Inside

Easy Project Management Software

Easy to use

It's a Symbiosis
Tool = Method

PMI - Project Management Institute - PMP - PMBOK

The full Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)® in an Online Project Management Software:
Nodewave PMIS

It's the PMBOK® that you can fill out!

Our software is built on Project Management Professional (PMP)®, The Worldwide acknowledged standard for project management.

  • 47 Project Management Processes
  • 70 Project Management Documents / Templates

At each step, you get the right reference from the PMBOK®, providing you a hint on how to fill-out the information.

The methodology from the PMP®,
The wordings from the PMBOK®