Nodewave PMIS is being made exclusively through crowd funding and aims to be the first ever fully crowd funded project management software.
That leaves development in the hands of the engineers and means that the features are driven our creative vision instead of a venture capital's balance sheet.

Project Managers have already told the world, they want a real project management information system, and we're making the software they want.
For the first time, project management software development will be beholden only to a pure creative vision.

Make your voice heard to a development team that cares about your experience!

Early-Access is our Win-Win Strategy
Your benefits Our benefits
  • Get Early-Access to the first ever project management information system based on PMP.
  • Get a chance to provide feedback to make the software even better for you.
  • Backers will get special attention, and crazy discounts when it's complete.
  • Since you are a paying user, we know you are the right type of user to listen to.
  • We can prove revenue potential, and concentrate on finalizing the software.
  • We're building relationships with our customers.

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