Project Management Professional

All Project Management Professionals knows that we must manage all project aspects like Scope, Risks, Stakeholders, Quality... not just Time and Cost, and a bunch of unstructured documents.
  • You deserve tools which are more than a File Share and a Gantt Chart ?
  • You like to track records of everything ?
  • You need to avoid the shared file system "inapprehensible dump" ?
  • You want Nodewave Project Management Information System !
Project Management Professional
Secret Weapon

Zero Effort

• Standardized Methodology, it's PMP
• Ready-made Document Templates
• Assist Project Managers and Team
• Adjust Methodology to Project Size
• and much more...

For all Projects

• Product Development
• Process Optimization
• Business Acquisition
• Product Launch
• etc...

Discover The Elite's New Secret Weapon

See it in action immediately

Save Time, Increase Project Managers Productivity
Save Time

Up-to 50% less time required to manage information

Find and Store all information easily,
Edit templates and Publish documents in a breeze.

Improve Success Rates, Increase Project Success Rates
Improve Success Rates

Up-to 30% increase in your Projects Success Rates

Secure your project management methodology in all areas of project management,
The PMP methodology is now so easy to use.

Increase Satisfaction, Increase Stakeholder's Satisfaction
Increase Satisfaction

Up-to 75% increase in Stakeholder's Satisfaction

Prove the completeness of your project management by the evidence.
Blast your Sktakeholders with the quality of your documents.

Real quick, Nodewave PMIS is:

A Guide for project management methodology, and a productivity tool

  • An Online Project Management Information System (PMIS) where you can structure all your project management information.
  • It provides all processes to manage Project Integration, Scope, Time, Costs, Quality, Human Resources, Communications, Risks, Procurements and Stakeholders.
  • It allows the project team to fill-out documents using templates using the terms and methodology from the Project Management Institue (PMP/PMBOK).
  • It uses the PMBOK as reference so that each document templates provides help on how to fill them out.
  • It provides exports to Microsoft Office.
  • It is practical and instructive.

As Simple as 1, 2, 3

  1. Information Management

    Handle new or changing information.
    Adapt all project documents, and inform accordingly.
  1. Project Execution

    All areas of project management are organized.
    You may now fulfill them all in parallel.
  1. Business Reporting

    Your secret-weapon for professional Business Reporting.
    Try it, your stakeholders will love it.