The vast majority of managing directors see that project success depends on managing all project aspects like Scope, Risks, Stakeholders, Quality... more than Time and Cost management.

Project Management is about agility,
   • Agility in handling changing information and constraints,
   • Agility in involving people and resources.

We Believe that Project Success depends on managing all project aspects like Planning, Scope, Risks, Stakeholders, Quality, Costs... more than just Task management

We Dreamed of a Project Management Information System which challenges the Status-Quo of minimal Task-only software

The Fact

Project management is not sufficiently well supported by software.

  • Gantt diagram is only a small portion of the solution to successful project management.
  • Complexity resides in the amount of interlinked and correlated information.

Our Vision

We found that the Project Management Institute has delivered a comprehensive guidance for project managers, but it requires a tool to manage all the project information.

Therefore, we've implemented a Project Management Information System, as described within the Project Management Body of Knowledge (a.k.a. PMBoK).
As a result, we've created a tool for project managers, which supports them with an easy and efficient information system.

Our Methodology

We're developing the nodewave PMIS software using the PMBok as a basis, but actively listening to the feedbacks of a large community of Project Managers and Corporation's project management offices.

Focusing on making our software intuitive and productive, we operate in a dynamic environment: things are subject to change according to community feedback.

Join-us now, by subscribing and sending your feedbacks!

Swiss Made

Nodewave is located in Switzerland, center of Europe.

Switzerland has a deep culture of quality and innovation:

  • We ensure quality in all aspects, from the design process, to the customer satisfaction.
  • We leverage the breakthrough in innovation by hiring from all European cultures.

These two aspects are clearly reflected in our product, as they are cultural inside our Swiss team.

Our Customers Speak

More than a tool, nodewave PMIS is a Coach, an Assistant, a Secret-Weapon.
Reza, Principal Sales Consultant
Oracle EMEA & APAC
Allowing to organize all project related information, nodewave PMIS is a Project Management Framework and a Best Practice Blueprint that is easy to utilize.
Xavier, Project Lead
IBM Strategic Outsourcing Delivery
Consulting requires both state of the art functionality to showcase our skills, and ease-of-use for our clients, this is exactly what nodewave manages to provide with their Online Project Management Software.
All our consultants and clients are extremely satisfied with the proposed solution.

Pierre-Emmanuel, Founder
Be-Lean Consulting