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Project Professional

Project Online
Project Pro for Office 365

Project Management Areas Project Management Areas
Integration Management NO NO NO
Scope Management NO NO NO
Time Management Yes Yes Yes
Cost Management Yes Yes Yes
Quality Management NO NO NO
HR Management Somewhat Somewhat NO, but in SAP HR
Communication Management NO NO NO
Risk Management NO NO NO
Procurement Management NO NO NO, but in SAP MM
Stakeholder Management NO NO NO
Reporting Reporting
Project Overview Yes Yes NO
Project Documents Status NO NO NO
Gantt Yes Yes Yes
Burndown Yes Yes NO
Budget Yes Yes Yes
Organigram NO NO NO, but in SAP HR
Ease of use Ease of use
Project Management Guidance NO NO NO
Export to MS Office Yes Yes Somewhat
Publishing Somewhat Somewhat NO
Documents Repository NO Yes NO
Online NO Yes NO
On-Premise installation Yes NO Yes
Value for Money Value for Money
Legitimacy PC software Easy to find Integrated to existing
SAP installations
Conclusion Microsoft Project Professional focuses on time management for a lonely project manager. Microsoft Project Online focuses on time management for a project team. SAP PPM + PS focuses on cost management, and poor user interfaces...